VIP meet & greet + Fast track immigration service rates

Number of passenger: Included services Rate in THB (฿)
1 Persons 1 porter / 1 cart 3150
2 Persons 1 porter / 1 cart 4650
3 Persons 2 porters / 1 cart 6500
4 Persons 3 porters / 2 carts 9650
5 Persons 3 porter / 2 carts 11150
6 Persons 4 porters / 2 carts 13000
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How VIP Fast Track bookings work:

Booking VIP pre-check services at Bangkok's airports BKK:

  • Chinese / Chinese Taiwan / Indian passport holders can use this pre-check service to verify eligibility to book the special VIP fast-track packages at BKK airport. After we receive documents and payment we will perform a pre-check on all passengers listed to see if they qualify to book VIP Fast track packages mentioned above. If 1 or more passengers fail to pass the pre-check, we will refund the amount paid, minus a 500 baht per passport pre-check service charge.
  • Children / Toddlers / Babies (1 year or older) who own a passport are charged as adults. Those that are registered in a parents passport will not be charged for the Fast Track service.
  • If flight arrival or departure is less than 36 hours from now, please first contact us via Live Chat or by phone, before paying.
  • When not using our limousine service, please be aware that it is against Suvarnabhumi airport's regulations to be picked up in a car that does not hold green license plates, or a van that does not hold yellow plates. If your pickup vehicle is such a vehicle, kindly ask the driver to park in the main parking area, and meet you at the official meeting point at door number 4, so our airport representatives can take you there without getting into trouble with airport security and / or local police.
  • After you fill out the form you will see an immediate confirmation with payment buttons and / or links where you can make a secure payment by credit card online, or you can opt to pay us by bank transfer. This is based on the assumption that we will be able to offer the requested service, which is the case in 99% of all bookings for our Fast Track service.
  • We do reserve the right to cancel your booking and return the deposit at any time, although this will typically happen within 24 hours after you made your reservation through this Bangkok Fast Track website. If we need to cancel your booking any paid deposit will be returned to you the next working day. Reasons for cancellation can be: incorrect details or rates entered at booking, bookings less than 18 hours prior to arrival, (temporary) changes in security regulations at Suvarnabhumi Airport, etc.
  • Payments can only be made in advance. Our Airport host(esse)s are not allowed to accept cash payments at the airport, by airport regulations and we need to pre-register at the Immigration Fast Track counters.
  • Cancellations for the VIP Fast Track Service that reach us 24 or more hours in advance are eligible for a full refund. After this time, all payments related to the fast track service are strictly non-refundable.
  • Failure to appear at the booked time will result in being charged the full amount of the booking. We therefore highly recommend double checking the entered arrival details, both at the time of entering those and once again on our final payment / booking confirmation. Quite often people enter departure time as arrival time, enter landing time based on their home / departure location clock, enter the arrival details at their layover / transit airports, or overlook the fact that booking systems are based on a 24 hours clock, not at an AM/PM clock.
  • This service is not available to visitors that have overstayed their visa (exemption) in the past nor to those that wish to (re)enter the country on a student visa or had many re-entries with a short period.
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